Hello, I'm Zum. 

Full name is Zumreta, but everyone shortens it to Zum. I started Bloom with Zum to share lessons I've learned, style hacks, beauty and wellness tips, travel diaries and city guides. I basically can never keep my mouth shut (in general) so I'm always trying to tell everyone about the amazing new thing I've discovered or a great deal I found. Honestly, nothing makes me happier than when a friend tells me they've gotten something I recommended and ended up loving it.

I'm a twenty-something Bosnian-American currently living in Virginia. I'm a former refugee, an immigrant, and an everyday millennial, which I think at this point translates to: I wear many hats. I'm a full-time analyst, a grad student, a blogger (that's why you're here!!), home-cooking foodie, non-profit board member, and dog mom to the BEST rescue pup ever. I've seen pretty much every dance movie made, and I count knowing every single word to Save the Last Dance as a hidden talent. 

With a complex background like mine, life has really taught me the importance of simplicity and making do with what you have. I’m all about low maintenance fashion and beauty...and well everything else.  I try to search for quality pieces and products that won’t cost you a fortune, but are worth the effort, and I'm not going to push you onto things that just don't work. Promise. 

I'm so excited you're here and I hope you'll stick around! Feel free to contact me on here and connect with me on social media!




Instagram: @bloomwithzum