2018 Gift Guide!

Finally getting this up for you guys! It’s December, and there’s a few weeks left of shopping to get all the presents for everyone on your list! You can also search “gift guide” in the search bar for some previous years suggestions! I tried to hit different personalities and specific asks you guys requested, but if I missed something, leave me a comment and I’ll keep updating the page!

around the home:

1 I’ve been seeing these Ember mugs everywhere and I think they’re the perfect gift for anyone, especially people on the go, moms running after kids, etc who don’t get to sit and enjoy their coffee quickly.

2. Also, for coffee lovers, the Nespresso machine is a great gift so they’re not running to Starbucks every morning!

3. The classic KitchenAid Mixer is a must for anyone that loves spending time in the kitchen. My sisters and I just got one for my mom, and it makes a great gift for parents or in laws. Also, at $189, it’s a great deal!

4. This serving Set from West Elm is so chic, and a great gift for hosts and hostesses.

5 & 6. This chess set and domino set are great gifts for the older adults in your life, especially in laws. They’re classic games and a great home styling piece.

7. This scarf knitting kit makes my heart warm! My mom loves knitting, so if you have someone in your life who already knits or is interested in it, it’s a great gift!

8. I just got this electric kettle for myself and I love it! The water boils so quickly and I don’t have to worry about rusting tea kettles…like my last one. It’s a great, easy gift that won’t cost much.

9. This bath tray caddy is such a thoughtful gift for those in your life that deserve a nice relaxing bath. You could also throw in this bath salt kit for extra love.


things to flip through:

Books are some of my favorite presents to give, and while I’m just picking out a few favorites here, I did a longer list for last years gift guide here.

  1. Perfect gift for HGTV fans, interior decorating fans, and of course, Chip and Joanna fans.

  2. Could be the most in demand book of the year, so will make a perfect present!! Michelle Obama’s Becoming is brilliant and inspiring and a great gift for anyone on your list.

  3. Also, just got this for myself, and can’t wait to dig into all of Chrissy’s recipes. I made the banana bread recipe already and it is to die for!

  4. Reese is just the best. You’ve seen the commercial, you know you want to be best friends with her. Great gift for southern ladies especially!

  5. & 6. I included both of these because I know a lot of people have been getting engaged recently and they’re great gifts for bride to be’s who need a little guidance!

    7. I love this set for the comic book lovers in your life. It’s something they can hold on to forever and is much sturdier than a small comic book.

    for the nostalgics:

  1. I think a record player is honestly one of the best gifts you can give anyone because it’s classic and custom because it will be used to play records special to that person. Something I’ve done is get a record player and one or two vinyls that I know the person loves and then for future gifts I’ll always try to add on to their collection. It’s a great present for anyone, but since I got so many messages about it, it would make the best present for parents and in laws. If they already have a record player of their own, find out some of their favorite albums that they don’t own yet and gift those.

2. Polaroids or Instax pictures are the perfect addition to any event and allow us to get back to a little bit of permanent memory making that we’ve stepped away from with the help of the cloud. Get these for the nostalgia lovers in your life who love to hold and look at a picture in their hands.

for those who believe in magic:

That’s what I’m choosing to call the astrology, crystal, loving people in your life :)

for your travelers:

suitcases, hydrating masks for the plane, packing cubes, backpacks and everything the one you love who is always on the go needs!

for the bar cart lovers:

I love the shaker with cocktail recipes right on it, and the decanter sets make excellent gifts for father in laws especially!

What else do you want to see?