2019 Goal Setting


This post may be a tad intense, so I’ll get the fashion bit out of the way first! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to style the sweater-midi skirt combination and it seems like it’s a very grandma but make it fashion style…yet I felt like I was constantly stopping at the grandma. When I picked up this tunic sweater from Ann Taylor recently, I knew I wanted to try again, and this time I ended up loving the combo! First, this sweater is the actual coziest and I know you’ve seen me wearing it all the time if you watch my Insta-stories. I paired it with a midi skirt and the trick for me, was belting it at the waist. Some girls can pull off the whole loose look, but for my body type, adding the belt brought me from frumpy to chic and I think it’s always flattering to accentuate the waist. I’m linking my sweater and some flared midi skirts below!

So as I’ve gotten older, my affinity for New Year’s Eve has steadily decreased. And I swear, it isn’t even my cynical side because I love reflecting and evolving. I’m the reflective type year round, but I think it’s the planning for the future part that gets me. There’s a certain pressure that comes with setting New Year intentions… pressure on one day to become a better person the next...well it normally stresses me out. How can we improve? How can we become new like the year? What’s not good enough about us?


Last year I wrote about the intentions I was setting for 2018. In last year’s reflection post, I said I was going to be better about asking myself hard questions to get me to a point where I’m more intentional about setting goals. The intentions I set for myself for the last year were 1. To lead with positivity and 2. To be more open and vulnerable, especially here with this little community. As far as those intentions go, I believe I tried to consciously execute them throughout my year. 2018 was a pretty rough year overall for me. While of course there were great things that happened, it was a year where I constantly felt like I was just trying to stay afloat. However, the only way I stayed afloat was to constantly and consciously remind myself of the positives in my life and to try and lead with positivity so that I didn’t project my struggles onto other people. I also still have more to open up about with you guys and I’ll keep working on that to give you guys more insight into who I am, and hopefully more advice for navigating this life thing we’re all attempting!

However, and I talked about it then, I was never great at setting goals, probably because I was afraid of not meeting them or not knowing the best way to execute them. Goals were still something that came and went as ideas and not fully formed nor fully executed. And this year, I’m making goals or resolutions, whichever sounds more or less cliche, because I’ve realized how necessary they are in this season of my life. I used to be more hands off, I knew I obviously wanted my life to go in a positive direction and I had a general idea of what that entailed, but never specific, challenging, attainable goals. The thing is though, these are goals that are important to me always, not some ~transformative starting tomorrow I’m a different person~ type goals, but goals that I’ve always wanted to implement but I will just be more intentional about. So I’m going to break down how I’m doing that as well as let you in on the goals I’ll be focusing on. Honestly, the list is a little long so start with as many as makes sense to you, but I wanted to make goals for each area of my life and as you may have noticed, I have a couple of different things I’m constantly working on. 

First, I brainstormed for about a week about things that I wanted to be intentional about affecting. I had a good list the first time i tried to do this, but as the days went on I would remember some other things I wanted to include, so I gave myself the time and space to add them in. Once I knew what things I wanted to affect, I thought about how I would be able to do that and by what amount I would want to increase/decrease that outcome.  

Then, I finalized my list and wrote it down. This is probably the most important bit. Writing down a major thought allows us to visualize its reality instead of leaving it as an open ended thought that usually ends up temporary or you know, we only remember when something ends up reminding us of it. When you put that thought, that goal, that idea on paper, it becomes permanent. A way I’m making it permanent is that I attached my list to my planner  and am using a paper clip to move it throughout my year as each month goes by. 

Also, on that note, I bought a planner that specifically focuses on goals because that’s going to be my focus of this upcoming year. So each month, and each week, my planner asks my my goals for that time frame and I can look at my big list and see what I can implement that week and that month to affect my goals. I’m using this planner from CGD London

I also really love this Ashley Mary Celestial Planner and this Infinite Agenda one.

What I haven’t done yet that I will do over the next month, is make a vision board that will allow me to visualize all the things that meeting these goals will bring to my life. More on that soon.

cgd london goals

Okay, now that we’ve discussed methods, I’m going to open up to you about my actual goals! This section is partly to add more accountability for myself, but also to be transparent with you about the areas I’m focusing on and how I’m planning to execute.


  1. Keep a tidy home : this is something that always gets away from me when I’m stressed out...which can be pretty often. I want to be better about doing the whole clean as you go because once I see a mess my brain just registers it as another stressor and tries to avoid it until things calm down. I downloaded an app this week called “Spotless” that allows you to list areas in your house, the tasks in each room, and how often you think you need to work on them. That way you get notifications about things on the daily so you’re not left with 100% of the things on cleaning day. I’m also putting in the effort to sell or get rid of things that are cluttering my space.

  2. Travel to at least two new places. I didn’t get to travel much this year but I did manage to explore one new destination (Merida!). I always say that it’s easier to travel than we make it seem so even if I’m not able to do something internationally, I want to make sure I explore a new area for myself, even if it’s something close by or for a short time.

  3. Skydive! I’ve wanted to sky dive for the longest time, literally since I was a kid, and I’m actually disappointed with myself for putting it off this long. This is the year I’m going to make it happen so if anyone wants to join me, let me know!!

  4. Move to a new apartment. Honestly, my current place has had me in a comfort zone for a long time. I pay not a lot of money for a ton of space so it’s been difficult to put in a lot of effort to leave even though it’s not exactly everything I want. However this year, I’ve made the plan that once I’m done with my masters, I’ll move forward with moving out since one major stressor will be completely done with.

  5. Increase savings by at least two paychecks. This will mean majorly cutting spending and also hustling with my other streams of income.

  6. Reduce my debt. Same actions as above for creating more $$, but I’m also going to implement the snowball effect. This is when you focus on one area at a time and then move on to whatever your next goal is once one is paid off.


  1. Transition to a new role. I’ve been at my current position since graduating college, and though there have been small promotions in the years, I haven’t gotten to grow in the direction I was hoping to, so whether within my organization or outside of it, I’m hoping to set myself up for a change that more closely mirrors the direction I want.

  2. Increase paid blogging collaborations. I have a number on my list but that specificity I’ll keep private for now. This year I got to make some partnerships I’m pretty proud of and I just want to keep the ball rolling and create content that beneficial to you guys as well as content that allows me to invest more into this community.

  3. Increase paid photography gigs. Again, I have a number on my goal list. :) this year was the first year that I actually used this passion of mine to provide photos outside of the casual realm. This year I created photos that will be in people’s homes and that really mean something. To do this I’ll have to actually advertise this as a service and not just accidentally wait on word of mouth to do it’s job like I was blessed with in the last few months.

  4. Increase blog views and IG followers. I’ll talk more about this in upcoming posts but this has been difficult for me to find my groove as I’ve never been into quantity when it comes to people. My number one goal when it comes to this area is to build a community with those of you who are here reading and talking to me constantly but if I want to make some of my financial goals happen I have to work on expanding that community as well. I love you guys that are here the most. 😘


  1. Pass certifications for last three courses. I’m creating a study schedule and making sure I shut off work at a reasonable time so that I’m not completely exhausted at the end of the day to study. I have three certifications I have to pass so I want to be able to dedicate time to do one at a time. And still have time to adjust if the universe throws anything at me.

  2. Complete capstone project and graduate with my masters! Self explanatory :) MS here I come!

All right, as see-through as can be. What are are you guys focusing on this year??  Do we have any goals in common? Share with me in the comments!


 Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Ann Taylor. Styling/opinions are mine and from the heart as always. <3