Fall is officially here! Honestly, as I'm writing this, it's still over 80 degrees, and Virginia has had like maybe 2 ''cool" days, but that hasn't stopped the entire country to start obsessing over fall activities and freaking out about pumpkin spice for weeks already! So here it goes, I HATE pumpkin spice - lattes, cupcakes, candles, the whole thing, just not into it. 


BUT the fall thing I doooo love is APPLE PICKING. I mean this is an easy one, I love apples, I love getting into the mountains, I love road trips, so this is one fall thing I am always behind. We have Carter Mountain Orchard which is only about an hour away from Richmond, so it's a super easy drive with friends. One of my best friends and I drove up a few weeks ago - yes, we jumped the gun - and got to pick some apples and just enjoy the beautiful weather and the fresh mountain air. Charlottesville always reminds me of Bosnia with it's lush green hills and beautiful mountains, so it's always really great for me to get out in nature and be a little nostalgic. We got to pick some golden delicious apples, grab a big basket of peaches before peach season ended, and just catch up on the hill with our pups. 


In an effort to be less basic while doing basic things like apple picking, I edged up my look with a Guns n' Roses vintage-esque tee and a felted wool hat with my high rise jeans (all details linked below). These jeans- you've probably noticed them on my instagram plenty of times - these jeans are my favorite high rise jeans ever. I need a very high inseam since I'm all torso and they're the only ones that really fit like they're supposed to in regards to length, waist, hips, the whole deal. I'm sure they fit great on normal torso-ed people too, but for those of us who struggle...this is THE pair. I have to say they are a bit thicker so they aren't great for going under high boots, but they're great for this bootie weather. I also have them in black and I'd suggest sizing one inch down from your actual waist.

I added my new bandana from Madewell  to the look and just wrapped it around my wrist. I love how soft and light it is and is such an easy way to add an unexpected accessory, and you can style it so many different ways.

I always get compliments and questions about my red lip, and I've posted about it before, but for the last two years or so, I've been wearing almost exclusively Colourpop lipsticks. I'm such a low-maintenance make up girl. I've dedicated so much time to finding products that not just look good but are also affordable and last because I never remember to carry makeup with me, not even lipstick. Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lips and Matte X lippies last literally all day and through all meals (unless its like really really greasy....I know this for pure experimentation's sake...obviously). The one I'm wearing here is the Mwah, but I also love Trust Me for when I'm not feeling a liquid lip. They're $6 and $5 respectively and I seriously can't brag on them enough - and I literally am not getting a cent from telling you about them. They're also getting added to Sephora sometime during the holiday season and I cannot wait! 

So hopefully the weather is letting you get outside where you are because whether it's apple picking or pumpkin patches or tailgating - fall has so many activities to get you outside and we need to soak it up before the cold comes in! And this outfit works for all activities - trade in the Guns n' Roses for a something that fits you better (linked a bunch ^ and Urban Outfitters has such a vast selection) and add a leather jacket or a long sweater and you still have an effortless look without being "basic."