'Tis the season! ...For feeling overwhelmed and physically and emotionally drained. The holiday season is everyone's most social time with parties and gatherings, and it's amazing to be around the people you love, but let's be real, it can also be physically and emotionally draining! It may be the introvert in me, but I always have to consciously remind myself to give myself alone time to recoup and take care of myself before heading back out into my social life. It's hard out there, guys! Facing retail store crowds (or worse, working retail, I'm sorry cashiers, I <3 you) and prepping gifts and meals can be exhausting! So today, I'm talking about things I do to help keep my sanity during the busy season so that I can be my best self in the crowds and to the people I love.

  1. I try to keep up with it year-round, but I especially make the effort to break out my gratitude journal towards the end of the year and during the busy holiday time. Thanksgiving reminds us to share the things we are grateful for when we're gathered with our family and friends, but how often do you think of everything you have to be grateful for when you're alone and no one is priming you?
    I keep a separate journal simply for gratitude so that I can have a place where it's only the positivity in my life and I can easily flip through and be reminded of the good going on in my daily life. On the daily, I try to include the small things, whether it's the sun shining, like it is today, or the fact that I was able to check something off of my list, it's nice to be able to put down the small things I'm happy about and not feel like I have to wait for a specific day to list things I'm grateful for throughout my life like family and friends and shelter! I also try to include positive affirmations in here just because we don't often talk to ourselves in the nicest way, and I know I struggle with this personally as well. We really need to be better about talking to ourselves the way we do to our friends, with compliments and encouragement so I will add little reminders of this to myself when I feel like I need a boost.

    I'm linking a few of my favorite gratitude journals here!


2.  I love love to use my ArtNaturals essential oil diffuser to set my mood and intention. You have to consciously think about what you want from the oils before putting a mixture together so it's a really great push to take a moment and set your intention. If I'm trying to be more relaxed, like after a social function, I love to mix eucalyptus and lavender and it immediately soothes me. If it's not the end of my day and I'm trying to go on with the rest of it with more focus, I mix rosemary and peppermint and it makes me more alert and focused to finish whatever tasks are left. Peppermint alone is great topically for headaches as well! I will normally put a drop with a carrier oil like coconut on my fingertips and just rub it on my temples for instant pain relief. And we all know headaches can be common after spending days in stores/around screaming kids/debating with family members.

Another way I use them is on my skin! I interchangeably use lemon grass and tea tree oil on any breakout I get and it goes away so much faster! 

I also love this diffuser because it has the blue tooth feature so I can sync up my phone and play music through the speaker so if you're taking a bath or just laying around or wrapping presents, you can get your essential oil fix and your mood music all in one place. The set I linked here comes with these eight 100% natural oils and I think they're a great base. I know this is all about self-care, but it also makes a great gift for someone you think needs help unwinding in your life! You can get it for 25% off with the code FALLAROMA25.

I'm linking the diffuser kit, the essential 8 oils separately, and guides to essential oils!


3. It wouldn't be a self-care post without face just wouldn't work right?? Especially around the holiday season when the air is dry, the stress is high, and the eating is out of control, everything ends up showing up on our faces. One of my favorite organic skin care brands, Joanna Vargas recently sent over a few masks for me to try and they seriously make my unwinding nights 100x better. Like I said, they are organic, and so so hydrating! I struggle so much in the winter with dry skin that I get flaky dry spots all around my chin and jaw especially, so the other night I put on the Euphoria Face Mask which is meant to soothe and infuse sensitive skin with nutrients from aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamin B5. I woke up the next day with the flaky spots completely gone! I've been keeping up with it by doing a mask every few days and they haven't come back so I really love that! You can also get 20% off your full Joanna Vargas purchase on Amazon with the discount code BLOOMZ20. 

I'm linking my favorite JV products here, and my back up favorite face masks that are less expensive but still super beneficial! 


These are the three simple things that I do to get myself back on track. Writing helps me release and shift my focus to positivity, essential oils help me relax and just recognize my intention for the time I have, and face masks help my face calm down which is the first thing to show when I am tired or stressed out. They keep me from breaking out and soothe my skin from the cooler weather. 

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself and are you remembering to do it when the focus is on everyone else for the next few weeks?