From the Office to Happy Hour

If you’re lucky enough to work in an office that allows casual clothes, know that I’m jealous of you! My fulltime job is very conservative, which also means it can be pretty restrictive when it comes to outfit inspiration. Personally, I don’t want to be in suits all day so I love to find different ways to incorporate my personality in a way that fits the executives’ vision too. Let’s get real though, finding 9-5 outfits can be hard enough, but finding 9-5 outfits that can go to 5-6...or 7...or 8  for the happiest hour(s) is even harder! Especially when trying to taking it from corporate to ready to have fun. Now, add in the colder weather and you’re screwed. Okay I’m exaggerating but mostly because I’m here to help (always???????).  I don’t have time to run back home after the office...and honestly i don’t live close enough to my job or any bars we go to to be able to make it a smooth transition so I love to be able to make something work in any situation. You know, work with what you have first, always. If you have a professional role and didn’t immediately turn to Ann Taylor, then are you even a professional woman? So many options and I’m gonna show you how I took an outfit from day to night with small changes! 


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I swear I’m obsessed with this cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor. It is now my number one must have for the fall/winter. It’s so warm and perfect for the office because it’s chic and it really is a necessary basic piece that every professional woman should have in her closet. I’m late on this, but I now know why fancy people talk about cashmere. It’s worth it and Ann Taylor actually makes it affordable. 


It’s so important to invest in quality classic items for this wardrobe. For my daytime look, I paired it with this velvet skirt (which is thick and also keeps you warm) and adds a little something extra to the outfit with the texture. I would size down with this, I didn’t and it could definitely be a bit tighter.  I just added a simple classic blazer on top to make the look more corporate.  I also paired the outfit with these nude heels, which, again, should be a professional wardrobe staple. The heel is only two inches and are really comfortable for a long day at the office. 

Then for my post office fun, I brought these booties to change into after work, ditched the blazer, and added these fun fringe earrings. These tiny changes are easy and really change the feel of the outfit. I also untucked my sweater so the vibe wasn’t as prim and proper. I love these booties and how these studs and buckle add a little edge to such a classic style bootie. The earrings immediately say that you’re ready for fun and to make a statement. 😉


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Making these small changes made the whole outfit completely different even though the base of it is exactly the same and I didn’t have to pack a bag of clothes or have to go home to change before meeting friends for a drink after work.  



* disclosure: thank you to Ann Taylor for sponsoring this blog post and my newfound cashmere coziness! All styling/opinions are mine! :)