Hey guys! So in my last post, I talked about the Walk This Way gala and how amazing it was to get to attend and support such a great organization like Becky’s Fund. Admittedly, I also love dressing up for the occasion as well because it’s not every day that I get invited to galas. The occasion is always formal wear so you get to really bring out your best and show out! This year I decided to try Rent the Runway for the first time and I LOVED it and I thought the dress I picked out would be an amazing choice for a holiday party as well! Well actually, I ended up picking two dresses (you get the second choice free for your first Rent the Runway order) and left it up to Instagram story polling to decide which I should wear! The red lace with the bottom flare won by a landslide!  


This dress was super flattering, actually fit the curves before the flare, and seeing as it’s strapless, I didn’t have to adjust it all night which is a major win when you’re at an event all night. The color is perfect for the holiday season and the shape perfect for a party! The details are beautiful and stand out on their own so you could easily have it be toned down with some nude heels...but if I’m going to show out...I might as well show all the way out, am I right?? I have been loving the way a deep red and cobalt blue look next to each other as statement pieces so I paired the dress with these blue pumps from ASOS, and these cobalt fringe earrings tied the look together from head to toe...literally. ;) I got these from Rocksbox (use code ZUMRETABFF for your first order for a discount!) but I’ve also linked some similar styles at the bottom of the post! 


Now can we talk about this sequined, pearled our blazer situation??? I picked it up at Downerss, a local boutique in Philly’s Fishtown, and have been just waiting for an opportunity to rock it! It really is so stunning in person and practically ran out of the store with it! It’s a vintage piece, but I’ve found some similar situations for you guys!! 

Recently, a friend was complimenting my style/closet and since I’m usually all “I don’t have enough cute clothes” I stopped for a second and realized that my statement pieces are what’s really making an impact. It’s great to have a closet full of basics and neutrals and things that you can wear every day but I can’t stress how moment-making it is to stock up on bold clothes that can turn an outfit around. For example, say I was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt, but then threw on this blazer? Or even just the cobalt heels/earrings? Instantly the look is a MOMENT and immediately feels dressed up. 

(Yes, Tamron Hall is awesome!!)

(Yes, Tamron Hall is awesome!!)

Okay so I will link everything by section below and include tons of similar and bold options for you! Play with your look this holiday season, you can blame it on the festivities! ;) 

Dress: I'm linking the one I rented from Rent the Runway, some similar ones you can rent, and similar ones you can buy!

Shoes: Linking other fun colored heels so you can play around with your boldness!


Embellished Blazer (including super cheap eBay options!)