I wanted to start this post as a way to really claim this internet space I've created and share my thoughts about current events, or just personal ideas - so MONDAY MUSINGS will be just that. If you know me you know I love to have these discussions in person, and can talk for hours about anything, but since I have this space, I figured I can use it since life is about more than outfits and pretty pictures. It won't be every week, but when I have something to say, I'll pick two or three things to discuss and I hope you'll engage with me as I start this!

This week I'm just going to let this topic stand on its own. 


Photo: Chip Somodevilla

Photo: Chip Somodevilla

Really, this weekend's events were the main inspiration behind these Monday Musings. I want to be able to have these conversations openly. If you aren't aware of everything that happened in Charlottesville, I'll put a link to an informative article at the bottom of this. First of all, I want us to be clear that this isn't a Charlottesville problem, or a Virginia problem or even a Southern problem. The white supremacy that we were disgusted by this weekend has been part of this country's history since the start and is very prevalent and present for any minority group in America. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth. When we are real patriots, when we really love something, we put in the effort to make it better, not ignore the faults. Second, we cannot be silent. Silence makes us complicit in the hateful acts we witness, silence fuels those with hate in their hearts because they don't see anything standing in their way, and silence hurts those who are the targets of the hate. We have to protect each other, stand up for each other, and stand against those who seek to incite fear and hurt our fellow man. If you are privileged enough to not be personally threatened by these racists and neo-Nazis, then you are privileged enough to have a voice that is more likely to be heard by those people. We have to hold them accountable and we have to call it what it is, domestic terrorism, not free speech. 

If you can: protest against the hate, call out ignorance when you see it, or donate to causes fighting the good fight. When sharing information, use the appropriate terms that really define what happened, and never discount someone else's experience who may not have the same privileges as you do.

What are some ways you're walking the walk? 

Washington Post Article

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