I left New York yesterday with lots of mixed feelings. I had my first taste of fashion week (more on that later) and had really great friend time with ladies I've missed. My instagram feed bounced between fashion shows and fancy parties to Hurricane Irma and forest fires. It was an interesting dichotomy of photos. On one hand, these things are unrelated. Fashion week is all about luxury and making yourself feel important to whoever is watching, and natural disasters are wiping away bare essentials and shelters for people who did nothing to deserve the tragedies. However, on the other hand, they do have something in common - both these big luxe events and natural disasters have a way of reminding us just how small we are. They both put things in perspective in totally different ways. 

NYFW definitely brings out a lot of insecurities and the comparison game goes off hella hard. We see the top models, and now top influencers, involved with these iconic brands and rubbing elbows with celebrities and incredibly creative designers and I'd be lying if there weren't plenty of days that I felt like I'll never be "cool" enough to be on that level, even though that I know logically that those thoughts are ridiculous as a two-month-old blogger. When these thoughts creep in, I always have to slow down and remember that it's okay to be a beginner. And it's okay if the life on those instagrams are never my life. And it's definitely okay to put your phone down. Definitely.

Even though my fashion week schedule was the most minimal, I still had to take Sunday morning to just sit by myself and gather my thoughts before heading out in the city for another day. Introvert life - always remember to recharge. Listened to some India Arie on a rooftop and felt so much better. Throughout the weekend, I made sure that the craziness of the city never trumped my real life relationships and made the time to catch up with friends who I haven't seen in a while.

My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes.
— India Arie

Right after seeing the craziness of fashion week, I'd be reminded of the destruction our world is facing: floods and fires and hurricane, etc. We are so small, and if we don't start remembering that we are visitors on this planet and we need to leave it better when we leave it - these disasters are only going to get worse. It's okay to unplug - put on your own oxygen mask first, and then start thinking about the changes you can make and how you can help others. For advice, read this article: Don't Panic, Do Act.