Fashion Week with Yasemin Tuzun




As I talked about in my previous post, this was my first time in NYC during fashion week, and I was. not. ready. As a small, new (self-aware) blog, I really had no expectations of being involved in any way - I was more so going to soak up the energy and just do other New York things along the way, like visit friends and find the best tasting and most instagrammable restaurants. Duh. So when my friend, Yasemin, told me she was working on the Style Fashion Week shows and I could join, I was excited, but a little nervous too.  In an effort to step out of my comfort zone, I RSVP'd yes. I should mention that this was the only RSVP I sent, but I'm hoping to attend next season way more prepped!

The shows I squeezed in were on Friday afternoon (Adriana Sahar, Chicago Playground, and Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy). Honestly, this was such a good intro to fashion week for me because these shows were unpretentious, had live performances and the best soundtracks, and were literally just SO.MUCH.FUN. 


Anywho! I wanted to do something different than just talk about what I saw and bring you some behind the scene action with having someone who got to be super involved contribute to Bloom with Zum! Yasemin has been working in New York and saw first hand the planning, the backstage, and all of the action of putting together a full fashion week event. She's going to break down her experience as well as give us outsiders some tips as well! So let's get to it! 

What do you do in New York?

Y: Hmmm what do I do in NYC? WORK. I made the decision that if I was going to move to this city I would dedicate my all to the success of my career. I have been so fortunate to work with super dope creative people and I am never cooped up in stuffy office spaces. I seemingly never look to be working and I love that!

How did you get involved in working for Style Fashion Week?

Y: I met Lee Kerzner, the President of Style Fashion Week at Pergola a restaurant in NYC that I LOVE. A connection of mine actually wanted me to walk with them in their shows and when I went to meet him we realized we could collaborate on a multitude of things. Pretty cool to say that I am now the Social Strategy Manager of Style Fashion Week. All stemming from a convo about me simply walking in a show.

Congratulations! What is your best advice for someone wanting to attend shows but not knowing where to start?

Y: Interning or volunteering for anything related to fashion is always helpful. It gives you a great deal of experience and industry knowledge and internal connections. If possible, have a business card handy with contact/website info.

You can of course purchase tickets through the website.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with Style Fashion Week you can contact

If you have interest in working on social or doing photography you can email me directly:

Other than that, I would really encourage you to research and network. I have done so much in NY by way of meeting new people and being open to their conversations. When you escape to a new city the opportunities are endless you just have to be open to accepting them. <3.

What is happening backstage as we wait in the audience?

Y: The Behind the scenes that everyone wants to know about. Well we have the hair and makeup room and dressing.  There is complete chaos, attitude, high stress, nudity and tension, all met with the silent, exciting, nerve wrecking moments just before hitting the stage. After the finale there is of course a celebration and then more undressing, attitude and tension making sure all the clothing and accessories gets returned.  
Oh I forgot to mention food. Believe it or not the models actually eat more than anyone I have ever met.

What was your favorite show from NYFW SS18?

Y: I have to say I truly enjoyed all of them. I thought Peyman Umay was awesome and you could tell he took a lot of time and effort into curating his line, models, music and overall production. My favorite part of his show was the addition of black matte skeleton masks. The masks along with his very tailored suit pieces just made for a visibly pleasing experience.

Brian Wood, also an amazing production. For me, I gravitated towards his show because of the streetwear inspired vintage look.

What about your favorite trend that you'll be adapting? 

Y: I want to say I don’t feed into trends, however, that may come off wrong or snooty. The only trend I’ve recently adopted is to not pay attention to every single trend. Fashion circulates so quickly these days. One day it’s hot the next its not. I know my look well at this point and it isn’t changing anytime soon. With that being said I’m more focused on purchasing staple pieces that can go with more of my wardrobe.

A quick intro to my style- I’ve always been into fashion and dressing up but NY has 100% changed my outlook on fashion and my overall look. I used to buy dresses to go out at VCU and would wear it once and be done with it. Literally what a waste, at 18-21 I was spending over $200 for something to wear once. You live and you learn.
Now I speak to the true me every single time I leave the house. On the average day I love comfy clothes, no makeup and my frizzy hair flying.


Working for adidas I think I really figured out what my look is. NY is fast and if you aren’t keeping up people are moving on. I think there is an unsaid expectation to be super jiggy but only at the highest level of comfort. When I was college, Monday–Friday I just never took the time or thought it was necessary to get all dolled up for a 9am class to go work out right after. I obviously don’t walk around looking like the workout Barbie everyday. I took what I knew and elevated it for work.    Stay jiggy **rock star emoji**

NY is fast and if you aren’t keeping up people are moving on.
— YT

Now that you've had the full experience of both attending and working on shows, what are you most looking forward to next fashion week? 

Y: The next Fashion Week is Style Fashion Week LA, October 12th-15th,  the official Fashion Week of LA. For me I’m excited to really get some more structure going and work on growing the Style Fashion Week brand.

Isn't she great!? I'm so excited to see what this girl does next and if you have any follow up questions for Yasemin or myself, please leave them in the comments! Also if you'd like to follow along with her as she kills it in NYC and all over, check out her instagram: @yazyt!