Holiday Office Party Look


There are so many holiday themed events and parties happening for the rest of the month so I wanted to share my favorite look for an office holiday party, courtesy of Ann Taylor. I planned this look for my own office party, but it can also be  worn for any seasonal events you have coming up!


I went and tried on this blouse in the store and I immediately put it in the ~ready to go home~ pile because I loved the red so much (it also comes in black, white, and a floral print). I don’t normally wear a lot of red, so I always love that the season kind of pushes me in that direction and makes me step outside my box a little bit. I think red is very flattering, but many of us shy away from it thinking it may be too overpowering. It actually makes you own your power a little bit more I think, and is a simple way to make a statement. I loved the bow around the neck as well.  At first I tied it tighter around the neck thinking that it should be more of a collar accessory, which was also cute, but then the Ann Taylor manager actually suggested and helped me loosen it up and I realized that the looser hanging bow was a much more flattering look for me personally.

I’m obsessed with these pants for two reasons. One, the shimmer is so fun and while it’s perfect for the seasonal festivities, the grey base also makes it easy to wear year round. Second, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the back is elastic guys. You know when you wear a dress with pockets and all you can think about is telling everyone it has pockets? Every time I got a compliment on these pants, I burst out with “Thanks, they’re stretchy in the back too!!!!!” ! love that you can go to your holiday party and eat and not feel strained at the end of it because it stretches with you. I also now believe that all trousers/work pants should have a stretchy back because it’s just necessary. You know that feeling when you sit down and then your high-waisted trousers just kind of dig in to your waist because there’s no stretch??? Yeah, these are the amazing.

The red and the shimmer make this such a festive look and it’s perfectly appropriate no matter where your office hosts its party! I’m linking a few more ideas for your seasonal events coming up below! What else do you want to see?

*Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Ann Taylor, but all styling and opinions are my own! :)