First off, my skin is super sensitive, and this past winter was really hard on it. I tried a few things to try and get myself out of the rut, but until I settled on this routine, nothing was working. I haven't used much on my face in years, as I'd been trying oil cleansing and staying away from harsh cleansers and too many products, but the cold and dry air had taken such a toll on my face that the oil cleansing couldn't keep up with. Night creams barely kept me hydrated and other things were too harsh and broke me out. I am so happy to say that these days my skin is the smoothest and clearest it's been in a while, so obviously I have to tell you all about it! So let's get to it!


1.  Every morning, I start by washing my face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. It is extremely gentle and really makes my face feel ready for the next hydrating steps.  It's made with five skin conditioners so it doesn't leave your face feeling stripped of its natural oils, but still soft and clean.  I first wet my face and then rub usually just half a pump on my don't need much on a clean face and it'll last you longer. #ballinonabudget

2.  Most toners are a little too harsh for me, so I decided to mix up my own and I've been loving it. (I also really love my label maker, obviously). This is what I used for this 2 oz bottle:

The ACV is the star as it's super balancing with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and witch hazel tightens pores. This is super cheap and easy to make on your own. Also, if you want some brightening properties for blemishes and scars, add a teaspoon or two of lemon juice.



3.  After toning, I've started using this vitamin C serum from ArtNaturals. It also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. This combination is awesome and works to repair wrinkles, age spots and sun damage. The vitamins hydrate and soothe your skin, and stimulate your collagen production. It's more liquidy than oily, and there is no residue after applying so you can simply continue on with the next step or stop and apply your makeup right on top. 


4. This is the "investment" piece of my routine, and as much as I'd rather not, it really has been a game changer for my face. I've had this sample bottle for about 1-2 months, which means it lasts a while since you use a really small amount daily, so I've already ordered the full size. This is the Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil by Miranda Kerr and I really wanted to try it after reading an article she did about how noni is basically magic for your skin and it's not really found outside of Fiji/Australia part of the world. I had never heard of it before to be honest, but seeing her skin made me want to try it immediately. In the article, she said she uses it at night, but I've been using it in my morning routine because I really felt like I needed that extra hydrating boost during the day. It really does make you feel like you're immediately glowing, and it keeps your skin soft and supple all day! It's also equally beneficial for all skin types.

**If you aren't ready for the $68 price tag I'd still recommend a good facial oil to your routine, I've also used this jojoba oil and it's also really good for your face for a tiny fraction of the price. 


5. For the final full face step, I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. My favorite thing about this moisturizer is the "anti-redness complex" because I have that problem often and it really does immediately soothe the skin and even skin tone. I use it repeatedly throughout the day if necessary since it's very light and buildable. Glossier also says it's supposed to minimize the appearance of pores which makes it really nice as an extremely light primer pre-make up. 

6. My final step in the mornings is this Origins Eye Cream. I don't know if it's really this good, but I feel my eye area tightening almost immediately. The GinZing formula is really great for de-puffing and reducing dark circles, which this girl neeeeeeds. As always with eye cream, make sure to just gently tap it with your finger tips instead of rubbing into the sensitive eye area. 

So that's my *I'm past the mid-twenties mark and I need a real skin routine* routine. This took some trial and error and I would definitely start with adding a single product at a time so you can determine if it works for your skin before you add on the next one. This just helps your skin get adjusted and it allows you to pinpoint what's not working if for some reason it doesn't. Like I said in the beginning, my skin is sensitive so everything here has already passed that test for me. 

What are some things that are working for you? Do you DIY any other part of your routine? Tell me in the comments!

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