Okay, by now, I hope you guys know I looooooove statement pieces! Side note, I feel like I give this impression of having a super colorful closet, but I just organized my tops (by color - I got an urge) and literally I was left with 6 pieces that weren't black, gray, white, beige, or *gasp* light blush. I kind of surprised myself because when it was broken up more I definitely thought I had more color and then I realized the color in my life is usually in the form of a dress (If I'm only wearing one piece it has to say something!) or a sweater/coat! And like, let's be real, it's not like the other seasons when we look at outerwear as pure you need this. it's cold and windy and there's no avoiding it. When the weather gets colder, it's easy to reach for the classic camel coat, which is also a total necessity, or a basic black parka, but there's days where we just need to stand out, so why not make it easy and awesome with a great coat!? 

Okay, a couple of reasons to invest in statement outerwear:

  1. It makes dressing in winter more enjoyable because it can be hard to leave your sweats in the winter.

  2. A lot of times, people won't even get the chance to see what's under your coat so it's harder to show off outfits if you do get dressed up.

  3. You can save money because if you buy a cool coat, you CAN just rewear your old sweaters underneath and everyone will be too mesmerized by your badass coat to notice.

Full Look Links:  Coat:   similar 1   ,    similar 2   ,    similar 3    Sweater:    here    Skirt:    similar   ,    similar 2    Shoes:    here

Full Look Links:

Coat: similar 1, similar 2, similar 3
Sweater: here
similar, similar 2
Shoes: here

I paired mine here with a more "monochromatic" look! I put monochromatic in quotes because obviously I have another color....the white sweater I love with this royal blue because it gives a perfect contrast and really lets the blue stand out! Not like it needed help...but you know! I love colors, but I haven't gotten comfortable enough to do that many pieces in monochromatic style...I'm doing 3/4 here, but I also loveeeee how @colormecourtney did the full blueberry look if you're interested! 

I chose to do full bold here, but you could also keep the rest of the look simple, for example it would have the same effect if I had just thrown on some black jeans! I always get so many compliments on this coat and people are always surprised when I tell them it's one of those rare stand the test of time Forever 21 finds.

I'm going to link my favorite bold outerwear right now below!