I'm sure you've all noticed that as soon as you graduate college, you've suddenly got an influx of wedding invitations throughout the year, especially during summer, which always leads to the "what will I wear" question. This week I'll attend my third wedding in a year as a bridesmaid, and yes that does make me feel old, but that's besides the point. While all of my bridesmaid dresses have been really pretty and I've had a hand in choosing them, I always love getting to choose a unique dress as a wedding guest. I don't know about you, but there's not too many fancy occasions in my life calling me to get super dressed up so I always look forward to dress shopping for weddings. 

I got this beautiful floral maxi when I was shopping for a different wedding where I will be a regular guest, so I'm really excited to get to wear it! As I've gotten older, I gravitate toward maxis for my bold dresses because I love that I get to make a statement, but still be comfortable. A dress that I can dance in and sit and eat in? Count me in. The essence of a long dress immediately feels fancier to me! I love being able to play with the shape of the dress instead of worrying if I can dance comfortable in a mini dress. I also love it for my body shape, and I think the wrap style is always flattering for all shapes and sizes.

This number from Lulus got me SO excited because of its deep V and accessible slit. Is that weird? Because of the way the wrap is on the dress, you really get to choose whether you're using the slit or not. It's sexy and bold in a subtle way because of the black backdrop. And you can easily decide how much you want to show - conceal by putting a black lacy bralette or silk cami underneath.  

Also is there anything better than a good twirly dress? It will never not make me spin around like a five year old.